How To Have A Stress Free Christmas

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It gets earlier every year doesn't it? Yes Christmas is all around us once again. 

Christmas can be a big trigger for many people, memories of childhood, missing family and financial worries can all lead to a sense of unease, not of joy.

How Can You Make Christmas Stress Free?

It might sound unachievable, but there are things that we can start doing NOW, to help ease us into the holiday season with a lighter heart and anticipation. 

Christmas Planning

Yes, you heard me. Firstly, look ahead. How is your diary looking? 

Do you stuff the calendar FULL?

Are you a last minute dot com?

Whichever way you approach the season, getting organised before WILL help. It can stop you over booking, allow you to budget and also take the pressure off from mounting overwhelm

Personally, I use a planner. A good old fashion diary and to do list. You can access my printable planner HERE.

However you plan, start putting the important things in there. The school holiday dates, when family are coming over, who is staying, if you are going away, put that in there too.

Now you have at least got a visual starting point. You can see how the Christmas period is beginning to pan out. Have you got people staying over? If so, set up a separate to do list for that, Food, bedding all the things you KNOW you will need to organise before they arrive.

Now Breathe

Time to take stock, have a look at how busy this time is already looking for you. 

Try not to pack it all in. The Christmas holidays are a great opportunity to have some rest and restore for YOU. If you are out every day, or have umpteen play dates, you will be frazzled before the end.

Christmas Budgets

When you are busy writing all the awesome trips, events, meet ups, lunches and other great stuff in your calendar, take a moment to think of your budget this season. 

Also, how much are you planning on spending on presents. Do you do presents? Who do you buy for? 

Buying Christmas Presents

Again, start to get a list together. Start planning on who and what you will be looking to buy.

Every year I have been trying to support local where I can. Although we all LOVE the convenience of Amazon, it is always great if we can also buy some things from the small local businesses too. It is a great way to give support, benefiting our local community, reducing our carbon footprint, and makes us feel as if we are part of the solution.

Check out your local Farmers Market, Facebook Groups or local craft fairs. 

I have some great ideas for eco-friendly products, all for under £20. Perfect for stocking fillers, teachers gifts and under the tree presents. (all on Amazon, as they still do make things very handy for a global audience)

Eco - Friendly Gifts.

Family Time

This is the reason for all the stress right? Trying to juggle the enormous Christmas to do's with the kids being off school, the endless meals, homework and of course usual battles of screen time. 

How about a little workbook to guide you through some of those issues?

My Stress Free Christmas Workbook is FREE - it has 3 practices that you can work through WiTH the family to try and tackle some of the issues that we ALL face during a holiday:

  • What to do?
  • Screen Time
  • Setting boundaries 

Stress free christmas workbook images

You can grab your Stress Free Christmas Workbook

I know that we will certainly be working through these in the lead up. Making sure that it limits the need to talk about each topic during the holiday - 3 LESS things to be thinking of! 

More Fun Things For Kids At Christmas

For ideas on some fun things to make with the kids this holiday, check out the Christmas Makes blog. Don't forget to plan in some fun things for you too. Though, I do still love making things with my girls. Even as teenagers, they still love to get involved in making things at Christmas. It is a genuine fun family activity. 

Morning Self Care

You can always put in some self care in the morning. For some simple ideas that you can start with today, have a read of Starting A Morning Routine.

Having A Mindful Christmas

I do hope that you will have a great Christmas with family and friends.

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