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About Rachel Hawkes

Spending nearly 15 years in Sales & Marketing gave me soo many useful tools that I have utilised in my career. I left the stress behind when I embarked on the journey that is being 'self-employed'! Setting up a Stress Managment Company that combined the science of stress techniques with the holistic approach of Complimentary Therapies. 

The theories and neuroscience worked so well with the hands on techniques of massage. My business built and I am still 'hands on' in my Wellbeing Centre. 

Life Changed - as it does with the arrival of children!

Before I became a parent, I couldn't wait to embrace every moment. Believing that I would become some sort of 'earth mother'. My reality (having twins!) was some what different! 

Becoming a Mother was the most amazing thing - but I also struggled. Logistics (juggling feeding 2 at night being a memorable one), lack of sleep, learning all about babies, all while trying to become this new role. It was all pretty overwhelming.

Sound familiar?

For me, I realised that I needed to be able to 'enjoy' the moments. So I began my journey into being more 'mindful' with my babies. This carried on and suddenly they are toddlers, then starting school - now they are home schooled and completing their exams.

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My Mindfulness Tips began to be part of my teaching too - as I run Baby Massage and Yoga Classes. New mums needed a few minutes at the end of a class to feel a connection, to themselves and their babies.

Out of the amazing comments that kept coming out of these sessions I knew that this tool of Mindfulness, would help parents everywhere, with babies, young children and older kids too.

So, my book Mindful Parenting: 40 Mindful Moments to Share with your Children was born! A true labour of love but something that I put my heart into. Full details on the My Book page. 

With more and more people asking me for exercises to use, I decided to build this platform. Making it a one stop shop for Parents, Teachers and those in the Workplace who want to add in more mindful moments to life.

Mindful techniques can be used in all aspects of life, whether you are a stressed out CEO or a parent with an anxious 6 year old, there are tools that can help.

This website is designed to be your platform - tools, tips and ideas will continue to be added. Knowledge builds, we all continue to learn and with that learning more will continue to be added 

Soon this will include online courses for the workplace, parents and teachers. So, welcome and please do sign up for the Newsletters, each one is specific to your needs: Mindful Parenting, Mindful Working or Mindful Teaching and will always include lots of easy to introduce tips to help us all on this Mindful Journey.



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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask:

What Qualifications do you hold?

I have studied Child Developmental Psychology at Degree level, holding a BA in English & Psychology.

I am qualified in Baby & Childrens Yoga and Mindfulness with both Rainbow Kids Yoga and Yoga Kids Worldwide. I have also completed several courses on my own personal mindfulness journey and continue to study, read and practice every day.

Also a multi-disciplined Massage Therapist, covering many adult massage techniques and Story Time Massage (for children).

Where has your experience come from?

15 years ago I started a baby massage & yoga business, Buddha Buddies. This is still going strong, every Tuesday I run my classes, working with mums and their little ones, where sessions end with Mindfulness. I love being able to connect to mums with babies, starting them on their Mindful Journey.

I have delivered Stress Management Workshops in the corporate world for many years, with Mindful techniques being the base for helping with issues such as work related stress and increasing productivity. 

As a mother, the day to day journey of Mindful Parenting is something that I am always working on. With twin tweens - it is taking new skills! 

For Fun

I love animals, currently home to a dog (expect to see lots of him in action on social media), Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Gerbil and Gecko. Just need the Donkey and I have my very own petting zoo! 

I am new to Mindfulness where do I start?

This does not need to be some epic training. Just start simply, why not head to The 10 Tips blog. Little moments of connection with your children can be so easily introduced. Feel free to connect here or pop over to Instagram to ask any questions.