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Resources for your Mindful Journey 

This page is all for you to browse through and see what tools, books, audio or information you can use in your life. Mindfulness can be part of every aspect of your day, including your workplace. 

Rachel Hawkes 


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Affirmations for Work


Affirmations are great for the workplace! A positive mindset that can be used for individuals and teams. These are also available as a download, coming soon.



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Inspirational Quotations

Looking for some great quotes to use to inspire? These will be available to purchase for download soon. You can see a selection of them over on the

Pinterest Boards


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Guided Visualisations

If you are looking for Guided Visualisations to use at work then this is the place. New Audios will be coming soon. 

To get you started how about this Intro into how to use Guided Meditations. If you want to be the first to know when the list will be available then sign up to the newsletter. 

An Introduction into Guided Meditations



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Breathwork – A simple technique using the hands, on how to use the breath.

Breathwork – How to use all of the lungs, diaphragmatic breathing.



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We all know how nutrition can play a significant part in our wellbeing . I’m delighted that I can share some great tips from Hannah from The Nourished Body. She will be discussing some great things that you can add to your day to boost your energy and increase your wellbeing 

Great things to add in to your diet

Probiotics – Suitable for all.

Hydration – Drinking plenty of water is really vital to you and your child’s wellbeing. 

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Keep your eyes out on your inbox, these goodies may well come to your inbox soon. 




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There is so much research out there on the many benefits of Mindfulness at work. Check out the Website links for useful links 


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Reading List

Great reads that you can find on Amazon, all of which I would highly recommend. A real mix of research, tools and just interesting ideas.

The Miracle Of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh 2008

Loving Kindness by Sharon Salzburg 2018

The Science of Meditation by Daniel Goldman & Richard J. Davidson 2017

Ikigai - The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, 2018

The Dalai Lama’s Book Of Wisdom by Dalai Lama 2012

40 Mindful Moments by Rachel Hawkes 2019


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Essential Oils

If you are looking to add in some amazing essential oils to your Mindful Workplace Toolbox, then head over to the Doterra Page. Not only are they ethically and sustainably sourced but the quality of every oil ensures they are some of the purest oils on the market. You can even ingest many of them for added benefits!

For tips on what oils to use and how to use them, head over to the blog page.



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Pinterest Boards

I have been busy collating lots of useful Work Life Balance tidbits over on the Mindful boards. Do give the boards a follow!

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Mindful Toolbox

If you want to build your own little Mindful Workplace Toolbox, then I can really recommend the following products. They are all from Amazon and you can just click the links. (I do earn commission from purchases made via these links, though it just about feeds the rabbit!)

Music – This can be something chilled that you are all familiar with or perhaps you can all choose some music together. Ambient music works well. I really like this Sound Healing Centre Album – very chilled.

Essential Oils - Please see the blog for the top ones I recommend for your workplace 

Mindful Stones– You can just have some that you collect or you can also often pick up lovely ones at museums. The link is to a lovely large collection of lots of different ones.

Eye Pillows– You can happily make your own eye pillows. There are plenty of YouTube videos or purchase these lovely ones.


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Some great websites for further resources and Research for anything to do with Mindful Living and Working:


A great website for all things relating to your mental health. The pages on stress are really useful. 


American Institute of Stress

Not only has a great catalogue of research but also a range of tools for individuals and companies.

Mindful Institute

A UK body that has come of the latest research based in the UK. A parliamentary body to increase Mindfulness in all aspects of work and society in Britain. 

Left Brain Buddha

A great website for lots of tools to help at home and work.


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Mindful Apps

I know that there is lots of snobbery regarding the nature of using an app to meditate or practice mindfulness.

Personally, I love a good one. They remind me that it is the accessibility that is important.

Insight Timer – My app of choice. Perfect for a sense of connection to others and the variety of high-quality content.

The Gratitude App – Sounds strange but it pops a little reminder to you every day to think about something you are grateful for. I love it!