Affirmations For The Classroom

Printable PDF

Affirmations for children aged 5+

A4 sheets of printable affirmations, to help children to get started with Mindfulness. 

GBP 3.99

Baby Massage At Home Online Course

Everything you need to massage your baby

A complete course that includes everything you need to safely massage your baby at home 

GBP 57.00

40 Mindful Moments

40 Mindful Activities with Rachel Hawkes

Via Amazon purchase the Mindful Parenting book by Rachel Hawkes

Read some of the reviews from those that have loved the book by Rachel Hawkes: (Amazon)

"The book is a beautiful read, born from author’s experienced heart and shaped by author’s skills to approach the reader."

"This is just the book I needed so that I could understand how to bring mindfulness into our family."

You can purchase the paperback version, or Kindle, whichever works best for you. The link will take you straight to Amazon.

Affirmations For Tweens

18 printable affirmations

A4 printable affirmations for tweens. 3 Sheets of Printable affirmations, along with your FREE blank sheet, for creating your own affirmations. 

GBP 3.99

Affirmations For Mums

Printable daily positive affirmations

20 Daily Positive Affirmations with 4 blank cards for you to create your own affirmations. 

GBP 3.99

Get Cracking Planner For Busy Mums

A lovely easy to use printable planner that is designed for busy mums. 14-pages that you can use for your daily, weekly and monthly plans. 

GBP 3.99

30 Daily Affirmations For Parents

You printable affirmation pack

30 Daily printable affirmations designed for parents. A simple design that will please all and you can use again and again. 

GBP 3.99