Over 100 Affirmations!

GBP 9.00

Your Giant Affirmation Bundle with over 100 affirmations! 

Printable affirmations for:

  • Kids
  • Tweens
  • Teens
  • Mums
  • 30 Days of Affirmations
  • 10 blank cards to create your won

Printable PDF

GBP 3.99

Affirmations for children aged 5+

A4 sheets of printable affirmations, to help children to get started with Mindfulness. 

daily affirmations for teens

GBP 3.99

24 daily affirmations for teens

6 blank notes for space to create their own positive affirmations 

18 printable affirmations

GBP 3.99

A4 printable affirmations for tweens. 3 Sheets of Printable affirmations, along with your FREE blank sheet, for creating your own affirmations. 

You printable affirmation pack

GBP 3.99

30 Daily printable affirmations designed for parents. A simple design that will please all and you can use again and again. 

GBP 7.00

A lovely easy to use printable planner that is designed for busy mums. 14-pages that you can use for your daily, weekly and monthly plans.