Mindfulness At Work

Mindful Tools For Your Working Life

2021 is bringing new challenges to the workplace and workforce. Regardless of what country you are in, many people have found themselves working from home. Feelings of isolation and overwhelm have been hitting people everywhere.

Now, with many organisations having back to the office strategies, these feeling of anxiety are once again on the rise.

Finding some mindful techniques to help not only cope with this, but look at some of the factors that are increasing stress, anxiety and overwhelm has been having a fantastic impact on companies.

If your organisation would like a fresh approach, with sessions that are designed to be interactive and engaging, them please do get in touch.

Online training has now opened this up as attainable for all, regardless of where you are or which team members are around.

Let’s start making staff wellbeing a priority, not just today but long term.


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Would you like us to come to you? We can present any of our workshops via zoom, covering all your workforce.
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The Facts & Figures Of The Cost Of Work Related Stress

The impact to your organisation 

*Taken from the Mindful Nation Uk Report 2019

of sick days are caused by work related stress*
£35 Billion
the cost to Uk employers from Mental Health in 2018*

Where To Go From Here?


A growing library of blogs all about mindfulness at work.  From creating a work life balance to what stress is costing your organisation and employees.

A great place to start



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Build your practice and your toolbox

Learning More

With books to purchase, online courses or downloads for specific areas. Learn as you go. The new Workplace Wellbeing Toolkit is the perfect set of tools to help with employee mental and emotional health.

Develop stratergies that will last a lifetime

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