Are Your Kids Struggling With Their Emotions?

Dealing With Your Child's Emotions

Are you or a member of your family struggling with feelings of anxiety, stress or overwhelm due to the pandemic? Are those feelings becoming unmanageable?


calming techniques you can use TODAY.

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Mindful Activities For Kids

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Rachel Hawkes

Author and Mindful Parenting Guide, Rachel has been teaching hands-on classes for 15 years, helping parents deal with many of the issues that they face on their parenting journey. She has been helping her own daughter who was diagnosed with anxiety several years ago, along with other children and families facing anxiety on a daily basis.

Her practical mindfulness techniques, combined with her parenting tips enable her to offer a unique approach that can help you and your family TODAY. This is about taking action, getting help NOW. 

She brings this knowledge and expertise into every aspect of her books, courses and training. You can find her videos on Youtube, tips and advice are also on Instagram and Facebook, where she stops by to drop in little ways to help.