"Mindfulness isn't difficult, we just need to remember to do it"

Sharon Salzberg






Learning To Be Present

Mindful approaches are now being seen in all walks of life, home, work and education.

This is your place to find the tools that you need be more 'present' in your life, to find the joy and appreciate each moment. 

Mindful Activities For Kids

Mindfulness, we are all hearing more and more about it. The benefits to kids and adults of adding in some mindful activities. 

This site has a range of resource for those parents looking for simple ways of adding in more kids mindfulness activities.

With ideas for all ages and also tips for parents too, there really is something for everyone. 

You can pop by the shop and grab some great printables, that you can start using today.

Head to the resources section and find lots of FREE mindfulness tools, from affirmations to guided meditations. 

Mindful Toolbox


A growing library of blogs to provide you with mindful parenting tips to try at home. From Building Resilience to 10 Ways To Add Is Some Mindfulness



 How about FREE tools to help you begin adding in some mindfulness activities?

 Including Affirmations, Calming Techniques For AnxietyGuided Meditations and The Workbook For Your Anxious Child.

Parenting Tools

Grab one of the mindful parenting books to purchase or download the guided meditation, printable mindful activities, calming techniquesaudio meditation downloads or join the community of mindful parents on Facebook

Rachel Hawkes

I am a ParentAuthor, Teacher, Therapist and Mindful Parenting Guide, I has been teaching hands-on classes for 19 years, helping parents deal with many of the issues that they face on their parenting journey. 

With a Degree in Psychology and my practical mindfulness techniques I am able to offer a unique approach that gives you easy steps on being more mindful in your life.

I am the Author of 2 books on Mindful Parenting and I bring this knowledge, experience and expertise into every product and course I creates.

You can find my videos on Youtube, tips and advice are also on Instagram and Facebook, where I stop by to drop in little ways to help.

You can also connect with me and other Mindful Parents in the Facebook Group.



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