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If you feel that you are in uncharted territory then you should know that you are not facing this alone. As parents we are all doing the best we can to try and cope with the situation we now find ourselves in. 

  • Imagine if you can start to take back some control in your day.
  • Find new ways to connect with your children.
  • Provide your son or daughter with tools that will enable them to cope with the emotional turmoil they are trying to deal with

Brought to you by Rachel Hawkes, Mindful Parenting expert and author of Mindful Parenting, 40 Mindful Moments To Share With Your Children

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Signs of Anxiety 

Are you or your children struggling with any of these?


Trouble getting to sleep, or waking up in the night? 

Overly Emotional  

Emotional ourbursts at the smallest thing? 


Not taking part or staying in their room

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