• Is your child struggling with sleep?
  • Are feelings of overwhelm becoming part of your day?
  • Do you feel that your day to day life is out of your control? 
3 calming techniques for children

If you feel that you are in uncharted territory then you should know that you are not facing this alone. As parents we are all doing the best we can but we all need help and support . 

  • Imagine if you can start to take back some control in your day.
  • Find new ways to connect with your children.
  • Provide your son or daughter with tools that will enable them to cope with the emotional turmoil they are trying to deal with. 
  • Rachel Hawkes-Mindful Parenting

    “I can't even tell you how much it helped me”

    Mum of two and Paramedic

Well, help is here!

I have been helping parents facing the daily challenge of mounting anxiety using some easy to use Mindfulness Tools. Showing that you can create your very own Parents Mindful Toolbox, full of techniques and tips that work for you and your family. 

The starting point is the FREE ANXIETY PACK - which you can download today to start building those skills that will reduce the stress and anxiety in your home. 

There is plenty of support in the Private Facebook Group and more resources that are available in the FREE RESOURCES centre of the website too. 

  • Rachel Hawkes-Mindful Parenting

    “Such easy ways of getting started - thanks so much”

    Dad of Two, Company Director

  • Rachel Hawkes-Mindful Parenting

    “thanks for this great freebie - my daughter has loved learning to use her breath.”

    Mum of Two, Small Business Owner

Techniques To Help With Childhood Anxiety

Not knowing where to start - or how to help as a parent? The FREE ANXIETY PACK will get you started with simple techniques that you can implement in your home TODAY. 


Getting positive is tricky, so how about some tools to help. The workbook has ideas that help on that re-wiring of negativity.

Work With Your Child

Simple exercises that you can work through. No jargon, no props, just easy to use methods that you can start today.

Printable Resources

Sheets to print out and use time and time again. Follow up resources to add in value too.

Start here and get the pack download straight to your inbox. You can access it via your phone, mac, pc or tablet. 

Join the Facebook Group for additional support and let me know how I can help your further. 

3 calming techniques for children