Mindful Makes For Christmas

Mindful makes for Christmas

This time of year can get crazy. School plays, concerts, presents to buy and homes to decorate. Finding mindful moments can be tricky. I always love the lead up to Christmas, no matter what else is going on I have tried over the years to make sure that we enjoy the season. 

We love our Christmas crafts so it is the perfect time to get those creative juices flowing and combine the love of Mindfulness with that Christmas Spirit.

I have listed just a few of the activities the girls and I have enjoyed over the years. I have also taken an eco-friendly Christmas approach here, reducing plastics and less waste too.

I hope that there is a few here to inspire you!

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations

DIY Clay Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments.jpg

  • 500g of Air Dried Clay - I like the one from DAS, it dries really well and is easy for the kids to model with. 
  • Christmas Cookie Cutters - This is a choice really, but you need shapes that are simple and will look good without decorations. I like the star, tree, snowflake and gingerbread man/ woman but you can go as varied as you like.
  • Straw or skewer - You will need to put a small hole into them so that you can hang them up.
  • Rolling Pin - I am sure that you will have one of these to hand. I have small ones for the kids which makes it easier too.
  • Essential Oils - The kids love picking a Christmas Smell to add onto their decoration. I love the oils from Doterra but you can, of course, you any oils you like. 


  • Break up a handful of the clay into a ball and then set up your work area. You need a flat surface, I usually use a baking sheet as a base, it makes it easier to roll the clay out on. 
  • Roll out the clay so it is about 1/2 inch thick (it needs to be able to hold its shape when dry)
  • Choose your cutters and simply cut out the clay. Roll out any cut-offs and then re-use until all the clay is used. NOTE: The clay will not keep for more than a few days before 'drying' so best to make them over 1 or 2 days.
  • We also like to imprint plants, flowers or stencils into them but you can just leave them as they are.
  • Using the skewer or straw make a hole in the top of the decoration (big enough to hang up)
  • Put 1-2 drops of oil onto the decoration and leave on a flat surface to dry (I usually leave them overnight).
  • Simply hang up on the tree or in a room - they will smell deliciously Christmassy.

Christmas Wrapping Paper

Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper 

Eco friendly Xmas wrapping paper

  • Brown Paper - I have tried to pick a recycled paper, but if you are working for an Eco-Friendly Christmas try for one that is not coated. 
  • Christmas Stamps & Ink - If you already have some then great, if not I try to go for the wooden ones (less plastic) but they also last longer. You can use these for so many Christmas crafts, from handmade Christmas Cards to Christmas Tags. These wooden ones will last you years. I still have mine from when the girls were little. 
  • Twine or Ribbon - You will need something to tie up your lovely parcels! Again this is eco-friendly, either biodegradable or you can use ribbons that you already have. 


  • Roll your paper over a large table, securing with weights on either end.
  • Get out the stamps and get creative! Less is more on this, as each section will need to dry before you roll it back out! 
  • Just let the kids go for it, you can either just use one colour or maybe mix it up!
  • Leave until the ink has dried, cut off the section and just roll out the next part and go again.
  • Keep as rolls until you are ready to get wrapping then use the twine or ribbon to secure the parcels. 
  • Eco-friendly and also a fun Mindful Activity 

Christmas Gift Tags

Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Gift Tags

This is so simple and yet satisfying! Another way of working towards a zero waste Christmas. 


  • Grab your cards from last year and sit with the kids cutting out all the pictures from the cards.
  • We like to use fancy scissors so that the edges look pretty. 
  • Use a hole punch to cut a hole in the top for the twine or ribbon (use the ones from the wrapping so it all matches). 
  • This way we are reducing our waste but having fun moving towards a zero waste Christmas
  • Just write on them as normal and you are good to go. 

A lovely set of tags to go with your Eco-Friendly Christmas Wrapping.

If you are trying to have a more environmentally friendly Christmas this year, then check out the blog on more Eco-Friendly ideas for all the family.

There are lots of ways that you can be more have a great environmentally friendly Christmas, you can even buy some great eco-friendly Christmas gifts. For those with a budget or looking for stocking fillers, teachers gifts or little Christmas tree presents then check out the Great Eco-Friendly Gifts For Under $20

More Mindful Moments

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