8 Eco-Friendly Christmas Ideas

Eco Friendly Christmas Ideas

As part of my Mindful Parenting, I try to look at environmental aspects of living too. Sharing ideas with my girls has been great, they love getting involved in making things and it has also made them more aware of factors around eco-living such as reducing waste and plastics. 

I could do lots of blogs about this - it is something I feel strongly about. Our role as parents is to educate our kids, surely the impact we have on our environment is one of those areas that we can easily bring into our daily lives? 

So, with Christmas coming around again, I thought I would share with you some of the tips that I will be using again this Xmas season. You can, of course, take this as far as you want to. I have found that some things are not as easy as I thought they would be (eco wrapping paper for one!)

  • Cards - I decided (around 5 years ago) to stop sending Christmas Cards. With all the cards being thrown away (or recycled) at the end of the season. When the kids were little, I would keep them and then get them to cut out the best pictures and use for gift tags. This is a great way of reusing and also stops you having to buy new tags too! Now, I donate  the money I would have spent on both cards and postage to a charity. 
  • Christmas Trees - I moved to an artificial tree years ago. Though I love the smell of a real tree, it was hopeless with the dogs! If you do buy a real one, can you find one with the roots, so that you can plant it outside until the following year? Although the amount of plastic in the artificial ones is scary, at least it lasts many, many years. (mine is at least 6 years old and still going)
  • Wrapping - The metres of paper that are thrown away is shocking! So, this year I have collected lots of pretty boxes. From Chilly Bottle boxes to gift boxes already received, I have a nice little stash. Can you think of all those boxes that we just throw away? How can you re-purpose them to use for presents?
  • Packing - This is a big one too! I have found a white paper tissue (put into the recycling after) that I can now use for packing those fragile presents in my re-used boxes. 
  • Baubles - I found these on Amazon, I know they are plastic, but they can be re-used every year! I have put little presents in them. They can then be hung on the tree too! I have used the tissue paper to keep the goodies inside protected and hidden (if needed). I just used my shredder to shred the tissue paper. I think they look lovely!

Christmas Bauble


  • Local - This is one of my big ones. Sourcing local gifts and also food for Christmas too. As a business owner, I know that support from your local audience can make all the difference. How about visiting your local Farmer's Market, Craft Fair or Christmas Market? Those small, local businesses will directly benefit and you are also reduce shipping mileage. 
  • Eco Presents - You can always take an eco theme in your presents too. From a bamboo toothbrush as a stocking filler, a shampoo bar for the ladies to a yearly subscription to a digital magazine. There are now lots of different ways we can all embrace buying with eco in mind. Have a look at my top picks this year. 
  • Make Your Own - I love some arts and crafts and this time of year I always try to include some easy and fun to make presents too. You can check out the all-natural Bath Soak recipe in the Natural Remedies Blog 

eco friendly christmas decorations

I hope this little list will help you think of just some of the ways that you can include more eco-friendly ideas this Christmas. 

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Hope you all have a fab Christmas, get spoilt and enjoy some true Holiday Cheer!

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