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I love Rhubarb! Usually it goes into a crumble, which I love but this year friends seem to have a bumper crop and I was given so much Rhubarb. What was I to do with it all?

The answer came in one of those lovely flashes of inspiration. I have been busy sorting through lots of the goodies that the girls and I have been foraging, from Haws to blackberries we have quite the stash. It has got me looking into lots of different ways of making cordials, tonics and tinctures. I shall be sharing more foraging recipies with you, as the Mindful Makes series grows. 

I wanted something for the grown-ups, that was simple to make but just for you! You can get the kids involved in the making, just not the drinking!

Rhubarb & Custard Gin Recipe


  • 500grams cut Rhubarb
  • 200grams of caster sugar
  • 1-2 Drops of vanilla paste
  • Storage Jars 2 x 500grams or 1 large jar (they must have a clip closed lid with a seal)
  • Bottle of plain Gin


  • Cut the Rhubarb into 2 cm pieces (they do not need to be exact)
  • I froze my pieces but you can also use them when freshly cut
  • Put half the pieces into the bottom of the jar along with half the sugar and 1-2 drops of the vanilla paste (again you can use liquid but go for a really good quality one if you can)
  • Shake the jar well to ensure that the Rhubarb is covered in the sugar.
  • Repeat with the other jar and leave for 24 hours
  • Top up each jar with Gin, leave enough room to be able to stir the mix. 
  • Leave for the next 7-14 days, giving a little stir or mush with a spoon every few days. (I found it really helped to release the flavour, though many people just leave it alone)
  • When you are ready to serve, put a piece of muslin over a large measuring jug and gently tip the liquid from the jar out. I also like to push out the Rhubarb and press it down with a spoon to get all the really good stuff. 
  • Pour into a glass bottle. Again if you can reuse an existing bottle then please do. rhubarb and custard gin recipe.png

How To Serve Your Gin

This has such an amazing flavour, so I like to use a plain Tonic, but it also works well with lemonade too. Serve in a large glass with lots of ice and you have your own beautifully flavoured Rhubard & Custard Gin. 

It would also make the perfect gift for any gin lover. So be prepared to make several batches! 

Using fresh produce from the garden, having just a little time to make it into something really special and you really do have a great Mindful activity. My daughter loved making this, in fact she was in charge of the daily stiring. 

rhubarb and custard gin.png

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