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We are all in need of some FUN ACTIVITIES to keep the kids busy. And as we are working on being 'mindful', why not have some eco-friendly things to make? We have always loved to get crafty - from bookmarks to birthday cards. Now that mine are slightly older (13), we need to still keep it simple but add in some practicality too. 

This recipe is perfect! It involves a chemical reaction (so hits the science nerds) and is very hands-on. Do not worry if your kids are younger, as long as you supervise all will go well. If not then all that happens is your bombs start foaming early! 

With the adding in of essential oils, I get my girls to pick, but you can just use what you have at home. For the younger kids, I would again supervise adding in the drops as they can get carried away! 

If you are looking to reduce your plastics and waste, use natural products to clean your home, improve your wellbeing and have some fun too, then give them a go!

Making your own toilet bombs is great fun and simple to do, requiring very few ingredients.

This easy recipe guides you through how to make your own toilet bombs. There is also a Youtube video which shows you each step of the way, including the finished product.

Ingredients for Toilet Bombs

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Toilet Bombs

  1. Combine

    In a bowl combine the bicarbonate of soda and citric acid, stir thoroughly. Add in the lemongrass essential oil and mix.

  2. Spray with caution

    Using the fine water spray, slowly start the spray the mix, making sure you stir as you go. If you add it too quickly or add too much you will create the chemical reaction and your mixture will start to fizz!                                  

  3. Press into moulds

    When your mixture starts to look like wet sand and will stay in a clump in your hand it is ready to be spoon into your moulds.

  4. Press firmly

    When you have filled your moulds, press firmly with the back of the spoon to ensure the mixture is firmly in place. I also like to use my fingers at this point.

  5. Leave to dry and set

    Leave out for about 2-3 hours, you will know when they are ready as they simply pop out of the moulds.

  6. Pop in your toilet

    I store my bombs in a pretty jar beside the toilet. Then when I want one, I simply pop into in and watch the fizzing magic happen!

A fun activity that all the family can get involved in. They are easy to make and do not take long to set. Then, of course, you have to try them - it really does make them smile to see those bombs fizzing! Also, you can chat about how this is natural cleaning, with no plastic waste and who knows, they may actually use them too! 

If you liked making this, then how about all-natural bath soaks? It is another one that is great to keep the kids busy, only uses a few ingredients and again they can enjoy using themselves too. Also, they make fab presents!

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Fun Indoor Makes - Toilet Bombs



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