9 Ways To Practice Self Care In Less Than 15 Minutes A Day

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Why Self Care Is Important For Mums

The last 18-24 months have been a challenge.

As parents, partners, business owners, employees and individuals. The roles have blurred even more than normal and for many mums we continue to be faced with a challenging time ahead. 

One of the best things that has come out of all of the global situation, is a much more open conversation about our own mental health.

For me self care sits at the root of our complete wellbeing: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially. 

Self Care Is Not Selfish

This has been one of my mantras!

Though I happily admit, it is not something that I was very good at. I have though, been 'practising!' Below are just 9 of the ways that I am working on building a daily self care practice.

These practical self care ideas for mums are based on quick and easy self care techniques that I needed to be able to establish a self care routine that I would actually stick to!

We can ALL put aside 15 minutes in our day - you know what - you deserve that - and much more.

So - stop the guilt. Grab a cuppa and have a read. Start with 1-2 that you feel drawn to, do them EVERY DAY. Once you see how you can 'fit them in', it gives you the head space to realise that self care is not a guilty pleasure. These self care ideas for busy mums, self care practices for working mums and self care rituals for stay at home mums are all about YOU. 

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9 Way To Practice Self Care

  1. Gratitude: Before you get out of bed in the morning to think of something you are grateful for. It does not always need to be the big stuff, sometimes it can be really small such as “the baby only woke once last night” or “it looks like it will be a sunny day”. This Gratitude Practice can often have a profound impact on how we start a new day.
  2. Decide to do one small thing today just for you. Again, it might be to drink a cup of tea when it is still hot! Put on makeup before you go out. Often, just a few minutes needed to complete these small tasks allows us to take a minute – just for us.
  3. Mindful Moments, so when you decide on your one small thing, be present in that moment. Just enjoy the simple pleasure of completing this one thing, just for you. These Mindful Moments allow our brain some time to rest and re-set and affect not just the brain waves but also our parasympathetic nervous system (the one that controls our involuntary nervous system), so our blood pressure lowers, breath deepens and heart rate slows.
  4. Pick something to read. (Maybe not War & Peace!) Just for the pleasure, whether it is a trashy mag or a book you have wanted to read for ages. Nothing too taxing or large, or you will be defeated and see it as something else you have not finished. This is a great ‘guilty pleasure’ and can definitely take priority over putting the washing on.
  5. Connect with friends and family. This may not be an easy thing to do at the moment, but however you can manage it, try and keep those connections going. We really need to have these social interactions in our lives.
  6. Nap. Yes, do it! If you need to take some time to recharge with sleep during the day, then go for it. Even a 15-20 minute cat nap can really help your brain and your body to face the rest of the day. 
  7. Get planning on something bigger, an evening out or meeting friends for coffee or lunch. Book a Massage (great for the body and soul), have your hair cut or maybe even a night away! Just the act of planning allows us to think of something that is not revolving around other people’s needs.
  8. What you love. Again it does not need to be something huge, or costly. I love running a herbal bath (you can grab a great recipe for one here). Maybe you can make a list of those 'simple pleasures' that we often neglect. Saying "I just don't have the time!" Schedule it in. Plan it and make it happen
  9. Be Kind This last year has been really hard. Especially so for parents. Where for many of us we have become our children's educators, counsellors and social group! You are doing an amazing job. These tips are not ways to treat yourself. These are simple tips that you can easily put into your day - fill your own cup and do not feel guilty about it! 

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Other Self Care Rituals

One of my favourites is to use daily affirmations. If you would like to know more you can read how to incorporate them into your life and that of your kids too. I also have some gorgeous

affirmations for mums

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Keep going, this is a journey and we all need some help along the way.

How Can I Help You Further?


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