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School Holidays

Love or Hate?

Usually for parents, it's mix of the two (often on a daily basis). 

I wanted to be able to offer some of the strategies that have been really helpful in our family. So I have put together;

Parents and Kids Summer Survival Workbook

A lovely 15 page FREE workbook that you can download today. This is a great way to all come together to discuss HOW to work through some of the issues that come up for many parents. 

Summer Workbook free download

It has 3 topics of practical ideas and techniques to help you work through some of the issues that come up EVERY holiday in my house.


 MP Summer Fun Checklist

Facebook Support 

There is also plenty of support over in the Facebook group too. 

This Summer is going to be very different from last year, and pressure is on to make the most of it.

This too can lead to overwhelm and feeling one has to 'do it all'.

This workbook will guide you through open discussions with your family and creating a Summer that you will all enjoy. 

Your Summer Bucket List

We all have things that we want to do this Summer, so topic one will start with you creating your own family Summer bucket list. You can fill this with lots of kids outdoor activities but of course allow for those rainy days, or just dealing with what to do when the kids are bored with some fun indoor activities for kids too. 

Setting Boundaries 

Yes, we all know we should deal with them, but we often let things slide, especially during Summer holidays. Topic 2 is how to make it a discussion, so that both kids and parents are aware of the what boundaries will be in place. 

A Summer Of Mindful Moments

The workbook will really help you focus on some keys issues that tend to come up over any school holiday, but we also wanted to give you a quick win with 20 ways to keep your kids busy this Summer! Between this list, the printable checklist and the 3 days of tasks, you guys are going to be rocking this Summer! 

20 Mindful Activities For Kids

Topic 3 is all about thinking of your own kids mindfulness activities, ones that you ALL want to join in!

In the meantime (as a little cheat for topic 3), here is my

TOP 20 Mindfulness For Kids Actitivites:

Play in the garden

Blow bubbles

Build a camp in the garden

Eat dinner over a fire

Watch a sunrise or sunset

Watch the clouds and make up funny stories or animals

Walk on the beach

Decorate something old, with arts and crafts

Write a thank you card or poem

Go through family photos 

Talk a walk barefooted in grass

Visit a zoo

Walk your dog, or a friends dog


Sing along to a song

Play a board game

Make an afternoon tea

Grow something from seed

Make a present for a friend

Have a family reading evening

There are plenty of ideas there to inspire, but the list is of course endless! 

Enjoy your Summer and please do connect via the Facebook Group to see how our lovely Mindful Parenting tribe continue to support each other on our parenting journeys.

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