Stress And Anxiety - 7 Essential Oils To Help

7 essential oils for stress and anxiety

Essential Oils are often overlooked as a tool in our everyday dealings with health and wellbeing. Viewed as just 'smelling nice', the power of our sense of smell is not valued as a method for affecting our health. I love using oils, not only for myself but for all of my family. 

Why Essential Oils

Our sense of smell is a powerful tool that can easily be utilised to change many factors in our lives. We can distinguish over one trillion olfactory stimuli! It provides a direct connection to the limbic brain (dealing with emotions) and can be programmed to associate a particular smell to an event and how you feel! Think of that home-cooked meal, or cake that as soon as you smell it reminds you or a person, time or emotion! Or the perfume that will always take you back in time to a lost love or friend. 

NOTE: For children, you would always dilute the oils, based on age and weight. You can find out more on the Doterra Website

Oils for Stress & Anxiety

Being able to use a particular oil or blend to improve your emotional state is a powerful tool that you can take with you anywhere. They can be used on young and old and does not affect medication that you may be taking either (if in doubt please do check with your doctor).  Find the ones that work for you and your loved ones and see how you get on. 

  1. Lavender - A great oil for so many reasons. The aroma is calming and it is also anti-inflammatory when applied topically. Just dilute in a carrier oil and rub onto the back of the neck, or (for adults), put a couple of drops onto the palms of your hand, bring your hand to your face and inhale and exhale 2-3 times. 
  2. Frankincense - The king of oils, for this, is the go-to oil for many issues, including anxiety. It is great for 'grounding, when you feel off-kilter and a need to re-connect. It is a woody, heady oil that can be used diluted as above, put it into a diffuser or my personal favourite; grab an empty 100ml spray bottle, add 5 drops of frankincense, 5 drops of lavender, top up with water and liberally spray around the room. Its the ultimate sleep spray too, for those whose sleep patterns are affected. Spray onto your pillow before sleep, or diffuse in the room while sleeping.
  3. Lemon - The citrus oils are the perfect pick me up. A mood lifter that is zesty and clarifying. If you need to lift that mood, then you can use as per the lavender above. I also use my Doterra Oil (100% undiluted) in my morning water. It is antioxidant so a great gut cleanser, helping to set me up for the day. 
  4. Citrus Bliss - This is a Doterra blend but one of our family's key oils. It provides the great combo of calming bergamot, wild orange and other citrus fruits to make for a really chilled but zingy oil. Great for lifting the mood but also keeping grounded too. Again, can be used in a diffuser, on the back of the neck or inhaling via the hands.
  5. Balance - This is a Dottera Blend that has combinations of camomile, Frankincense, spruce and blue tansy to provide a sense of tranquillity and calm. Use as above and a great one to also put on before a long day to centre you.
  6. Peppermint - The perfect pick me up! This oil is great for a hit of that menthol that will sharpen the mind. You can add it to water and it will settle the stomach, useful for those with digestive problems associated with stress and anxiety. You can use as above in a diffuser, on the back of the neck and it also combines well with lavender, lemon and frankincense. All of which alter the base notes of the peppermint, try your own combination and see what works for you. 
  7. Deep Blue - This is for those aching muscles, so often a symptom of stress. When diluted in a base oil the essential oils in Deep Blue ease the tension out of the muscles, allowing the muscles to relax. I would always dilute this oil as it is very potent. You can also get in as Deep Blue Touch in a pre-blended rollerball bottle, so it is all ready to go. Perfect for the office.

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Your Mindful Toolbox at Home and Work

Essential oils are a great thing to put into your own Mindful Toolbox. If you are dealing with the longterm symptoms of stress or anxiety then finding techniques that can help alleviate the symptoms can be very empowering. Do not forget to also look at the causes of stress or anxiety. Good Health and wellbeing are fundamental, we so often are lost for ways to help. There are also other techniques in the 3 techniques to help your anxious child. Or perhaps you would like to know more about how to use essential oils with your children? Essential Oil Tips for Kids Mindfulness.


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If you would like a 13-page printable workbook that has 3 great exercises for helping you or your child deal with anxiety then you can grab your 


For those in the workplace dealing with stress, then you can read some about techniques that can help you reduce your stress in the latest blog

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Disclaimer: the contents of the post are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure and are only the thoughts and ideas expressed by the author. Please do seek medical advice if required and further professional help with children, adults with a medical diagnosis or the vulnerable.

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Rachel Hawkes is a mum to twin teenagers and teaches baby and kids yoga & mindfulness classes, alongside running a business Wellbeing Centre. She is a published author of 2 books relating to Mindful Parenting and loves to share her tips and ideas wherever she can.

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Essential Oils For Stress And Anxiety 


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