Essential Oil Tips for Kids Mindfulness

Using essential oils for your children’s mindfulness

A Powerful Sense Of Smell

Our sense of smell can have a direct effect on all of our body. It is something that we take for granted but we often rely on a specific smell to either calm ourselves or, even to take us back to a certain memory. We all have that smell that we associate with a person, or a place or event! 

Using this sense with our children is something we do all the time, just not always with a purpose. Oh, "smell the fresh cake out of the oven", or "the roses in the garden". We encourage our children to participate and then just leave it there, without perhaps taking it as a mindful moment.

Mindful Parenting Toolbox

What if we could harness that sense and use it as part of this toolbox? Well, we can. I have put together a quick video on how you can use just one simple exercise to introduce essential oils to your children. You can check it out here.

If you need any help with dealing with anxiety or stress, then why not also see the blog on my favourite essential oils to use. Great for kids and adults, they can really make an impact on your emotional wellbeing. You can use essential oils for kids anxiety every day. 

For those of you who like a good read, I've put the instructions below.


Instructions For Kidsafe Essential Oil Use

Choose an essential oil that your child likes and is appropriate for the mood you are trying to work on.

For example:

  • Lavender is great to calm an anxious mind or to help with sleep.
  • Lemon is great for focus and a mood uplift 
  • Peppermint can help clear the head, including headaches 
  • You can even mix them up, these three oil go so well together

Your child needs to like the smell! Do choose something you think they will like. Get them to smell the oil in the bottle first if you are unsure. If you can get them involved in choosing their own essential oil, even better. The choosing of the oil or oils becomes a great mindful activity for kids all on its own. 

NOTE: Dilute the oil in a carrier oil like coconut or grapeseed. For the children under 10, I would suggest you dilute 1 drop per 10ml of oil. For those older, as you are only using 1 drop of oil you can use the oils listed above undiluted. If in doubt, just dilute!

  1. Get your child to sit comfortably and close their eyes. 
  2. Place 1 drop of the oil on the palm of their hand. They will then rub their hands together and place their open hands in front of their face.
  3. They will take a deep breath in through the nose, and slowly out through the mouth. For the younger children, just ask them to breathe in and out normally.
  4. Repeat this 3-4 times. Eyes closed and just being aware of the smell and their breath. 
  5. They can continue to sit in this position for a few moments if they are happy to. 
  6. Easy!

It is that simple. Just a great way of immediately affecting a mood or thought, using the great combination of essential oils and mindful breath.

More Essential Oil Uses

If you would like more great ways of using Essential Oils with your mindful practice then check out the new book! Written in collaboration with the best selling author Melinda Brechiensen it has great exercises for Children's Mindfulness with oils. 

Aromatic Anchoring and Mindfulness Cover Draft.jpg

Essential Oils

For more information on the Doterra Oils that I use with my family, you can visit my Doterra Website. There are also plenty more video's on some of the many ways to use the oils over on my Youtube channel. 

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