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It is a difficult transition, from child to teen. I never thought that the term "tween" was real until my girls hit 11! Oh boy, did I learn that this in-between age (hence tween), can really start to mix things up?

Trying to get my girls to do some of the really simple stuff (put their rubbish in the bin), which was never an issue before, suddenly turned into big events! 

Yes, the eye-rolling started too! 

Sound familiar?

Our kids are moving into a whole new stage of development, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially! The transition to secondary school coincides with this and bringing it all together can be overwhelming for both parent and child. 

How To Help Your Tween and Teen?

I know that many of the usual things that we had been doing, were no longer going to work. I was no longer Mummy, but someone now of authority as well. Boundaries were (and continue) to be pushed. I adapted. As I am sure you will too. 

I wanted to give you some of the tools that have helped me during this time (as my girls are nearly 14), with the hope that there are things that you can easily try at home. Adapt them as you need. Drop some, increase others and see what happens.

Increasing The Positivity

The first thing that seemed to be occurring on a regular basis, was an increase in negative thoughts. It was turning into a glass half full situation on an almost daily basis. 

We went back to affirmations, with a twist! 

Below I have listed some of the affirmations that we work with, I have also put them into a new Printable for you too.

Affirmations For Tweens Pack

Affirmations for tween printable

Words have power.

I know if you have been following me you will know I say this often. It is true. Gifting that power to your kids might not be easy during these years, but it is worth persevering with. 

Getting your kids to include these is not always easy, but allow them the space to find their own words, or maybe create their own printable (in the Packs, there is a blank page just for this).

However you find the affirmations, your child needs to be able to choose their own. They may not say them out loud (in front of you or others), but they can put them in the school diary, workbook or phone case. 

When those negative thoughts come in, encourage them to read the affirmation, or repeat it silently in their head. Swop that negative thought for a positive one (also true for us parents too!).

Daily affirmations for tweens

Affirmations For Tweens

•Today I will face my fears

*Nobody else can control my thoughts

*I accept myself for who I am

•I am proud of my achievements

*I choose my own attitude

*I strive to do my best every day

•Anything is possible

*I can take it one step at a time

•My opinions matter

•I am in charge of my own happiness

Affirmations For Teens

•Today is going to be an awesome day

•I am strong and determined

•I am in charge of my life

•Its OK not to know everything

•I stand up for what I believe in

•I am free to make my own decisions

•I can change the world

•The more I let it go, the better I will feel

•I accept myself for who I am

•I am in charge of my own destiny

For the TEEN AFFIRMATION PACK which has 2 sheets of gorgeous printable affirmations that you can start downloading and using with your Teen. 

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Intention Setting

This is another great 'mindful' tool that you can use. We often use this in the mornings, in fact, it is how I start every day (even before I get out of bed!). You can read more on how easily you can add in Intention Setting for kids


Yes, I know, you have already heard it helps! It does, really! For some techniques that you can try with your tweens and teens, then have a watch of the simple Counting Breath Technique. Again, it can be added in, for when tempers are rising or feelings of anxiety kick in. This has a video and full instructions that you can watch or you can pass to your kids to watch. 

Keep The Communication Going

It may not be easy, but during these years aim to just keep that communication open. It might not look the same, but carving out time as often as you can to just chat is really important. It does not need to be formal, sitting around the dinner table or set times.

I often hear from parents that when they ask their teen 'how was school?", they are rewarded with "OK", a grunt or perhaps lift of the shoulders. Our kids who would run out of class and tell us ALL about their day are gone. We can though find a way forward. 

Stay Strong

We are in difficult times, for both parent and child. Our relationships change, and we need to adapt. I hope that these Mindfulness techniques for teens will help you navigate these strange shores? 

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