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Baby Massage At Home

Many of you will know that I have been teaching baby massage, baby yoga and kids yoga for many years (15!)

This week saw the end of physical face to face classes for what could be many weeks or months. 

So what are you mums supposed to do? Where can you now go to learn these valuable skills? HERE of course! 

My Mindful Parenting journey began with my babies! Massaging them every day, and singing songs and creating educational toys. It is the foundation of what I now offer in Mindful Parenting.

So, how can I now service those same mums who have been coming to my classes for years?

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Online Courses

Yes, I know they have been around for years. But honestly, one of the main benefits of going to a class is that you can connect and chat with other parents. Don't worry though, as part of my online offerings there will also be a VIP Facebook Group too!

This blog is just to give you a little taster of what a full course would look like. 

There is also a FREE MASSAGE VIDEO- this will allow you to have a go with some of the ideas that are in the video. It will cover what to bring, all the techniques, times of day and oil to use. 

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Learn At Your Own Pace

The joy of learning online is that you can run each session at your own pace. So, although you may be missing the interaction with others, the good things are, you can stop for a swig of tea, or just because your baby is crying, and not miss anything! 

In most in-person courses, there will be an element that you miss, due to feeding, illness or crying. Not any more! So, we look at the bright side with all these things. There will also be plenty of chances to chat with others in the Private Facebook Group, which will be open to all those taking this course and also the baby yoga classes. 

This is no ordinary course, you will receive over 80 mins of video, online lesson modules, the PDF fully illustrated handbook and VIP Access to the Private Facebook Group. This support will be ongoing, so any questions you have as your baby grows, you pop in and ask.

I hope that the introductory video gives you a flavour of what you can expect from the full course. If you are ready to just go ahead and download it today then great.

Learn Baby Massage At Home - START NOW

There are also 2 BONUS videos as an extra Thank You! 

The course is only £57 and you can watch it as many times as you need - a never ending resource. You can start today just click here

You can also sign up to receive lots of other lovely parenting goodies too! There will be baby massage tips, baby yoga songs and lots more hitting the newsletters, so it really is worth getting.

I am here to offer support to you on your parenting journey, times are tricky at the moment. So, I hope that you are finding all the support that you need. If not in person, then virtual.

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How Can I Help You Further?

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