Rock Painting - Make your own Affirmation Stones

rock painting - make your own affirmation stones

Creating your own Affirmation Stones 

Are you looking to combine those amazing creative talents alongside positivity with your children? If so then affirmation stones are pretty much the perfect Mindful Activity!


So, why use affirmations on stones? Well, for more details on the power of affirmations, check out my blog all about why they are so useful as part of what I like to call the Mindful Parent Toolbox. Choosing words that affirm a sense of self and positivity has been used for thousands of years. It is now well documented that when you say words out loud they reinforce in our brains. Embedding that thought or idea into our very being! Powerful stuff.

Using Stones

I love this activity with my kids. The photos in this blog are all of the stones that the girls and I created one afternoon. We had the best time, we were there for hours! Stones are readily available, from the beach, garden or country walks. In fact, this is a mindful activity all of its own. The collecting of the stones becomes its own thing. Try it, when you are next out and about. Set every one a mission of finding at least 2 stones that they can use. 

Finding them is great fun, everyone is involved and they can choose whatever size, shape or colour they like. The joy is in looking and sharing with each other the collection. It is a free, achievable activity for any age. 

Stones will stand the test of time. If you use the techniques I will describe below you can place your stone outside or inside, rain or shine. How lovely to have that reminder on a cold, wet winter's day, when you head outside and see one of the stones your child made. It really will put a smile on your face. 

Steps to Create your Affirmation Stones

 Affirmation Stones - How to create your own

Collect together your supplies. I have a list of equipment that I use and find works really well:

  • Paints - Acyclic will give you great coverage.
  • Brushes- A mix of brush types 
  • Acrylic Pens - Ones with a fine nib are needed otherwise it is really hard to write clearly, or you can get a pack with mixed-size nibs, perfect for colouring and then writing 
  • Varnish - Get a good one, as a little goes a long way.
  • Stones - You can spend some happy hours collecting your own - it is part of the joy!

Find some affirmations you like - again I would use this as a separate activity. Letting every child choose what they want to say is what holds the power. You can also download my FREE PRINTABLE affirmations.

You need to decide beforehand how long you want to spend on 'getting ready', with preparing the equipment and researching ideas. 

  • Wash your stones and ensure that they are fully dried before painting.
  • Each person gets the stones that they collected. Along with the affirmations that they have chosen.
  • Have a discussion on how they want their stones to look - you can again make this an activity on its own. Researching through Pinterest is one of our family favourites. I have got lots of ideas on my Mindful Parenting Board if you need inspiration. Or, you can just have a chat about it, maybe they can draw something out on paper first. The process is all part of the fun, some kids love to plan, others just like to get stuck in!
  • You can use plain poster paint, as I would recommend that you varnish your finished stone after. Even if it is staying indoors, the artwork just lasts longer. I used acrylic paints as they go on better but really just feel free to use what you have at. 
  • Pick your chosen design, get each child ready with brushes and always put paper or a tablecloth underneath. This can be a messy process! 
  • You can then either paint your stone a specific colour, or write directly onto the bare stone. Either way looks fab. Again you can see in the photo above, we use a mix of styles. 
  • Use proper pens for writing. It is much harder than it looks to actually paint words onto the stone. So unless you have that skill, I would suggest you let your kids use pens. I've listed above the ones that we use. Getting special pens then allows you to use them for other creative projects. These can be used on glass, porcelain, tiles and all sort of other surfaces. They look so much better than a simple felt tip! 
  • Help out where you need to, but let your kids creativity flow. It does not matter if the words are hard to read, or the paintwork is messy. Just let them enjoy the art of making. 
  • Allow your stones to dry thoroughly before coating in a layer of varnish. Leave to dry again and then they are good to go! 
  • Place in the garden, by a door, in a bedroom, give as gifts or even leave somewhere for someone to find. I love the idea of the Kindness Rocks - where stones are left for others to find, to cheer up their day. 
  • You can always chat with your pre-school or school and see if the class wants to also participate. Having class stones that are left around the school or community is a great project.

The ideas are endless - but it will certainly start you off on getting creative with your 'rocks'. 

Affirmations For Tweens & Teens

For the older kids, although they will still LOVE to create their own stones, their needs are slightly different. As they face the transition through these years, they need more adult language and less childlike. I have a list of 20 Affirmations for teens along with an Affirmation Pack For Tweens in the shop. These are printables that are designed for those kids aged 9-12 who are no longer little kids, but not teens either.

Tween affirmations  


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Happy creating



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