Affirmations for Teenagers

daily affirmations for teens

4 pages (24) printable daily affirmations for teens. 

Help your teen create their own growth mindset with these words of affirmation. 

Purchase once and print out as often as you need. Get your teenager to put them in their school planner, lunch box or even a journal. Science has shown that we can boost our positive thinking by choosing the words that we use. Your son or daughter can use the ones that speak to them the most, or choose a different one every day. 

There is also a page with 6 blank notes, allowing them the space to create their own affirmations. 

Words have power and can help to boost motivation, concentration, focus and alter mood. These little notes can be used at any time of day for when that boost of positivity is needed. 


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  • 24 printable affirmations
  • 6 blank notes for creating new affirmations

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affirmations for teens