• Do you love spending time with your baby, but feel that you are not 'doing enough' with them?
  • Is your baby struggling with getting to sleep?
  • Would you love a way to spend precious moments building the bond with your baby?
  • Is your baby 'fussing' and you do not know how to soothe them?
  • What if you had techniques that you can draw upon EVERY DAY, to help soothe your baby?


  • Imagine that you can spend time with your newborn, just the two of you?


  • What if you had a range of ways of getting your baby to sleep that you could use whenever you needed?


  • Imagine if your partner could also be involved in a part of your daily routine, something that they can do to build that all important bond?

Well, the good news is you can do all of that and more - all in the comfort of your own home! 

Welcome to the all you need Baby Massage Course!

From what you will need, to how to make it part of your routine everything that you need to know about BABY MASSAGE is here. This really is your one stop baby massage shop, where you will be guided through not just the techniques of baby massage but also what oils to use, when is the best time and so many more tips and tricks. 

I am Rachel Hawkes, and I have taught hundreds of parents how to confidently massage their babies over my 15 years of teaching. 

I have taken all the best elements of my face to face classes and created a course that is just for you. 

You can read all about those classes and the fantastic community that has risen from it over on my Buddha Buddies page. Read the reviews, check out the photos and you will see that the course has been designed to be both fun and engaging for you and your baby!


Rachel Hawkes 2019
  • Rachel Hawkes-Mindful Parenting

    “such a lovely way to bond with your baby”

Do you want to learn the techniques to massage your baby at home?

This is a lovely course that has a fully illustrated handbook, course guide and over 100 minutes of videos.

Bite sized videos all designed to teach you how to confidently massage your baby in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Everything is broken down into modules, so that you can work through all the material at your own pace.

Each module only takes 10-15 mins! 

In these times, when we are all unable to get out and about, this course is designed to give your ALL the information you will need.

Rachel, your instructor has been teaching baby massage and yoga for 15 years and brings a light hearted approach to all lessons. 

All of this and access to the VIP Facebook Group - where Rachel will be popping in with other tips along the way. Connect with other mums who are going through the course and some who have babies older too. A Fabulous way to connect with other like minded parents

What You Will Learn?


There are so many for you and your baby, from relaxtion to aiding digestion 

What Do You Need?

From which oils to use to how to set the room, it is all covered.

A Full Body Routine

Every technique you need for all of the body, broken down into modules.


Not only do you get over 100 minutes of video, a full illustrated PDF Handbook and full support via Facebook but if you purchase during the early bird offer you also get the BONUS VIDEOS


My tips and tricks for nailing tummy time! They are the ultimate tummy time cheats and you are going to love them. I guide you through each one on the step by step video. 


Get started with Baby Yoga - my favourite baby yoga moves that you can add into the end of a Baby Massage session, or just have fun and create your own Baby Yoga Class at home! 

  • Rachel Hawkes-Mindful Parenting

    “Cannot recommend this class enough, relaxes both the baby and mummy”

  • Rachel Hawkes-Mindful Parenting

    “It's so much more than a massage course....”

  • Rachel Hawkes-Mindful Parenting

    “Great skills to be able to massage your baby at home ”