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How To Find Time For You As A Mum

9 Ways To Create Time For You As A New Mum

Being a Mum is hard!

No matter what you read or who you listen to, one thing is certain – nothing can properly prepare you for Motherhood. The difficulty is, in doing it all, are we also putting our own health and wellbeing at risk?

So, how can you find some “me time”?


Fill your own cup – This is a variation on a quote that is often seen regarding motherhood. It is the KEY to ensuring that you are able to still give to others. You need to ensure that your ‘cup’ is not always empty. H…

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Support For Mums During Lockdown


What a time we are all going through. No matter where in the world you may be, we are all in the throes of life-changing events. I know from family, friends and my group that many mums are really struggling with dealing with not only the situation but also the uncertainty.

I thought now was the time to start putting together some links to support. Now, while we all think clearly and need help. All the links in this article are to offer help and support to us as we go through this together. It i…

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Learn To Massage Your Baby

Baby Massage At Home

Many of you will know that I have been teaching baby massage, baby yoga and kids yoga for many years (15!)

This week saw the end of physical face to face classes for what could be many weeks or months. 

So what are you mums supposed to do? Where can you now go to learn these valuable skills? HERE of course! 

My Mindful Parenting journey began with my babies! Massaging them every day, and singing songs and creating educational toys. It is the foundation of what I now offer in Mindful Parenting…

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Fun Makes - Make Your Own Natural Products

PNG image-C9E53B223B00-1

I LOVE making things! It has always been one of the things that I have enjoyed with my kids too. Picking things to make that they can really get involved with, and where possible trying to ensure that we are using natural ingredients. We think about who could use and enjoy the end product, it's part of the fun.

I have picked a couple of my favourite Natural Remedies that I make with my girls. They are now 12 but still love to make things for friends and family.

Oatmeal Bath Soak

How to Make y…

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5 Ways of Dealing with Guilt as a New Parent

5 Ways to Ditch the guilt for new mums

Number 4 Is A Tricky One! 

Being a new mum 

No matter what book you read, or who you talk to, nothing can quite prepare you! Overnight your life completely changes. Many women believe when they are pregnant that their life will be exactly the same as before, just with a baby. Oh my, what a rude awakening that can be!

Not only are you suddenly meant to become some sort of ‘baby whisperer’ but cope with your body post-natally too! The trauma of birth becomes a taboo subject and you should now be …

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Mindful Parenting - The Handbook for Parents

Mindful moments book blog

Great Advice - How to find the time!

As a parent, it can be difficult to not only read all the 'best advice' but also find the time to put all those great new strategies in place. There is so much out there on how to improve ourselves as parents and bring up our children to be resilient, kind, caring and happy. The tricky thing I found, how to pack it all into an already busy life. Speaking to lots of other parents, especially in my baby classes, everyone seems to be feeling it. How do we learn…

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Book Launch - A Working Mum's Reality

Book Launch

Mindful Parenting - 40 Mindful Moments to Share with Your Children

This became the title of my Mindful Parenting Book - part handbook, part information guide. Creating lots of Images and affirmations, that I hoped would appeal to as many people as possible. This was then sent to friends to read and edit as much as possible. It became apparent very quickly that trying to publish with a small (or shall we say no budget) was no easy task. I had to decide whether to just shelve the project or go wi…

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